Adult Counselling

Life brings about many complicated issues and problems that make an individual feel like they are stuck and cannot move forward. Adult Individuals seek counselling for a variety of reasons including: stress management, anxiety, depression, life transitions, communication issues, addiction, grief/loss, trauma, emotion regulation, and work place issues. 3C Counselling can help individuals move forward in their life by offering a new perspective, teaching new skills, and/or providing tools to help you move forward. Each client will always bring their own unique set of circumstances to the counselling process; therefore, 3C counselling will always provide a service that is tailored to each and every individual.

Youth Counselling

The adolescent years can be very difficult and youth may get lost or stuck during this important transition in life. Youth seek out counselling for a variety of issues including: stress, anxiety, depressions, learning difficulties, self-harm, emotional regulation, grief/loss, behavioural concerns, trauma, self-esteem, bullying, and parent/sibling-teen conflict. 3C Counselling can help youth move forward successfully by providing a service that will allow them to see new perspectives and gain deeper insights, develop new skills and/or provide new tools to help them move forward. Let 3C Counselling help you move forward in your life so that you can reach your full potential.